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Nike air max 97 as a very popular series in the world has been raised in the world, more and more people to compete to buy this Nike air max series, interesting stream net small editor's impression of this series is very profound, why, because the small editor as a ball shoe control, Nike air max 97 With special feelings, little friends may not understand, but I believe you will understand when you read the Xiaobian. Nike Air Max 97 year color matching It is the most popular Air Max 97 series, the most popular color matching, and the Nike Air Max 97 color matching in the first year, which is what we often call silver bullet. In the history of Nike and in the eyes of the Sneakerhead, they occupy a very important position, and today it is still the fashion of the street people who are keen on the foot. It is a special liking for silver bullets Air Max97 series brought more touches and feelings to Xiaobian. How happy it was to buy a pair of Air Max97 that year, wear it to school and show off in front of classmates. When walking, for fear of being stained, and then careful to wipe the stains, these little things are lost youth. What color matching is there in Air Max97 Seeing the silver bullet in the sky, take you to see Nike air max 97 other colors, they are equally excellent.

Nike Air Max 97 Premium "Wolf Grey" NIKE AIR MAX 97 OG X UNDEFEATED BLACK

This Nike Air Max 97 Premium gray bullet is also the leader in 97.

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