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Travis Dermott hops back to the bench after the entire bottom half of his skate comes apart
I am ThankfulFor my corsi rich fantasy hockey team leading me to a staggeringly impressive 2-5 record on the season. Dressing Travis Dermott everynight will pay off eventually, right!!!
no but serious- *throws up in mouth* i fckin love travis dermott . i love him.
LeafsForever Travis Dermott : Produces rare point - http://www. php?id=4876   …
Toronto Maple Leafs GOAL! Kasperi Kapanen scores (9th) on a snap shot from 20 feet away with 08:03 left in the 3rd period! Give the assist to Travis Dermott (4)! Score - Maple Leafs: 2 / Hurricanes: 3 LeafsForever TORvsCAR
Hahaha Morgan should keep it, on a hot start don’t wanna ruin the luck now
Travis Dermott too. Making plays every shift so far in the third
So "youngster" Igor Ozhiganov was having some troubling exiting the defensive zone. Thankfully, "veteran" Travis Dermott was able to bail him out with a nice play.
1. Jake Gardiner leads the Leafs in 5v5 minutes per game. LeafsForever 2. Jake and Zaitsev are also getting heavier DZ starts than Rielly/Hainsey. 3. 3rd pair led by Travis Dermott are eating up the shot share vs opponents.
Here&39;s David Attenborough narrating Travis_Dermott &39;s hops last night Leafs LeafsNation LeafsForever
Win a signed sweater with our Graduate Giveaway! Insiders have the chance to take home a MapleLeafs sweater autographed by Travis_Dermott . Sign up & enter now >> http:// ay   … | MadeForMore
Coming Soon To Tommy Lee Raw: Toronto Maple Leafs Defenceman Travis Dermott !! easterseals LeafsForever
travis dermott is an elite rabbit https:// status/1064711644624736256   …
What an effort from Travis Dermott to hop back over to the bench after blocking the shot. LeafsForever
Raise your hand if Travis Dermott skates better than you with one skate that properly functions? LeafsForever
When Travis Dermott on one skate is still more mobile than Ron Hainsey on two skates.
I love this shift from Travis Dermott . Watch as he keeps his feet moving the entire time as the Leafs maintain pressure. He&39;s able to spread out the defenders and creates some quality chances. He deserves to be promoted up the lineup. LeafsForever
Travis. Dermott . Needs. To. Be. In. Our. Top. 4 leafs
After a few failed zone-exit attempts, youngster Ron Hainsey passes the puck over to the veteran Travis Dermott to help him out.

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