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chrome hearts chrome hearts chrome hearts chrome hearts chrome hearts chrome hearts chrome hearts

Chrome Hearts silver ornaments through manual work, workmanship, the quality of the first class, style for the old rugged, the production of 925 silver oxidation of the black, after oxidation, polishing and polishing, on the chrome hearts online silver surface added soft gray and black shadow, the sense of level is very obvious.
Silver ornaments always have an intoxicating charm for a crowd of people. The silver ornaments from the United States have been very popular, from the Harley Davidson in the early 90s to the DITA and Justin Davis Jewels in Hongkong. Don't think this kind of heavy metal silverware is difficult to be fashionable, Chrome Hearts from the United States was awarded the CFDA Designer Award in 1992.
Chrome Hearts Eyewear Collection is different from ordinary glasses for about 6~7 months of time development. Design. Chrome Hearts Eyewear Collection spent a total of 19 months of time to develop, the highest standard to make each pair of glasses, the use of the material includes Chrome Hearts standard of the silver.
Chrome Hearts silver is an American Silver brand, famous world, Japan, Hongkong many stars most of the favorite ornaments, Chrome Hearts with the religious spirit of the medieval art, in the beautiful arc and dark shadow, create a unique and charming rich. It is still full of rock style silver, its strong The original design has been stable according to the silver ornament brand throne. And it's all the rage in Hongkong. Its products are all embracing, except silver jewelry, clothes, silver buttons on wallet, leather jackets, hats, leather bags, T- shirts, sunglasses, 925 pure silver made water pen, even the shadow of CHROME HEARTS in the mineral water, the emperor is worthy of the emperor.
It is also the only silver ornament to enter the luxury world

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