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Ring is small, but it brings glory and charm to our slender hands. We should give full play to the role of the ring, especially women. Only by mastering the way of wearing the ring can we embody its real role. When wearing the ring, we should consider matching, not only with the color of the clothes, but also with the watch, so that the two can be in harmony. Turn it up.


If you want to know how to wear a female ring, you should first know that the meaning of wearing a female ring on each finger is different, so we should look at the matching of finger rings. This is in accordance with the rules of men's left and women's right. In fact, the ring is worn on the left hand or the right hand, it is entirely depending on their psychological role and their preferences. Wearing rings is exquisite according to Western tradition that the left hand shows God's luck. So rings are usually worn on the left hand. As for the right hand, there is also a traditional explanation. The woman wearing the right hand expresses a nun's heart.


1. The index finger of the left hand - singleness is eager to be pursued, want to marry means unmarried. The representative is a single aristocrat.


2. Left middle finger - having an object or being engaged.


3. Left ring finger - marriage.


4. Left pinkie -- single or unmarried.


The way a woman wears a ring is very particular. The color of a woman's ring usually represents the woman's psychology and personality.


Women's rings are also very skillful. If you wear jewels, you should pay attention to matching the color of bracelets, watches and cuffs. If you like to wear rings on both hands, then you should match rings with a simpler style to avoid unusual vision. The most suitable season for wearing rings is summer, because there is no clothing cover in summer, which can best reflect the charm of rings. Women should pay special attention to the wearing of rings. Although women wear rings in a variety of ways, it should be clear that rings on their fingers will have different meanings, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Chrome Hearts is one of the most famous silver ornaments in the world. Its design style combines rock punk, street hip hop and other low-key luxury. Purely hand-made and beautifully designed, the value of artwork has far exceeded the meaning of jewelry.
I don't know whether you like kroe or not. I bought a kroam leather cramp before the goddess. It was simple but not beautiful.
Croft Hongkong limited short sleeved off white black and red striped slippers.
Just bought off and white from purchasing, so I can't wait to get Po out.
So the background is my hahaha
It was my brother's leg (chicken leg)
This clo heart is still a little bit transparent, but it can still be done.
I 168 this one is a little shrunk after L's washing
I still like this pair of slippers. I can go out in the summer and I can go out.
Although the watch is large, it is still noticed at the moment that the heart ring is pretty good.
Krohsin compared with other large price similar accessories, krohsin can be said to be very conscientious, at least people are using real gold and silver. Those who are allergic to metal jewelry can choose boldly. Kroxon's style is different from the other big princess style advocating personality independence and a slightly neutral feeling of cool. If you wear T - shirt pants and find out what to match today, the chain or the ring nail is just the right thing to do.
Speaking of silver ornaments, the first thing we think of is the heart of Crohn, which is certainly not strange. When buying styles, they will take into account whether they are already overrun in the streets. How can they be willing to spend a lot of money to bump into others at any time?
KING BABY, the American high-end silver ornament KING, was founded in 2000 by its founder and designer Mitchell Binder in Losangeles, America. In the open The Freedom Trail, the pursuit of idealism and the inextinction of rock and roll, in the spiritual world of KING BABY, the world is all around him.
The first time I saw King baby was not very big in #kingbaby Chengdu ocean Tai archeus. Unable to extricate himself, he used 925 silver, and King baby used 937. King baby in addition to the use of silver material, its design product also combines precious stones, 18 karat gold, agate beads chain and leather material. The price says KB will be a bit more expensive than CH, (quality will not be lost to CH). In style, the style of KING BABY ornaments has Gothic, rock and heavy metal styles, marked by skeletons, crown hearts, crosses, wings, guns and letters.

chrome hearts

If you dont know about Chrome Hearts, don't worry, founder Richard Stark prefers it that way. Notoriously press-shy, the brand has quietly risen to the forefront of goth-rock fashion over the past three decades. Although synonymous for their intricately designed and often exorbitantly priced jewelry, the company began as a simple leather manufacturer.
In 1988, Stark and two friends, Leonard Kamhout and John Bowman, set out to create clothes for themselves and their motorcycle buddies to ride in. While their tough leather pants and perfectos were a hit amongst the motorcycle crowd, it was an unexpected gig doing costume design for a B movie, Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town, that pushed the fledgling brand into the fashion sphere. One of the actors introduced Stark to Sex Pistols lead guitarist Steve Jones, who immediately became a fan. Jones began to wear Stark's designs on stage, and soon enough bands from Heart to Aerosmith were lining up to don one of his signature all-leather fits with custom sterling silver hardware.
Although embraced by the fashion set, Stark & Co. remained at a safe distance, shunning seasons and expanding into accessories, home furnishings and custom orders all manufactured in their Los Angeles warehouse. A carpenter by trade with little knowledge of design, Stark nearly rejected his CFDA Award for Best Accessories Designer in 1992, mainly due to the fact that he had no clue who the CFDA was.
Stark and his business partners eventually had a falling out, and he and his wife Laurie took over the business. With the addition of Laurie—who handles all imagery and campaigns for Chrome Hearts—the Starks have expanded worldwide with flagship stores across the US, Europe and Asia, as well as a magazine released in Japan. With fans from Cher and Elton John to Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West, and collaborations with everyone from Robert Mapplethorpe and Rick Owens to The Rolling Stones and Bape, Chrome Hearts has quietly been shaping the world of gothic-rock chic for nearly three decades.

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Whether its late winter or early spring, outerwear season presents the style-conscious set with some tough terrain to navigate. You want to turn heads, be quietly envied and ditch the heavy coats, all while not freezing your ass off. Invariably, you turn to the surety and safety of the leather jacket. Thankfully, there is no time like the present to score a timeless biker or bomber style, as countless designers have been offering up creative takes on the leather jacket since 2010. Here are our 10 favorites since the beginning of the decade. Do you have a favorite leather jacket style or go-to brand? Did we miss it here? Share with us in the comments below.
Lead image via Complex.

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