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Kaila Bennett

These are turning tonight ??

Just ordered this glitter so I can make a Devils Lettuce ? cup ??‍♀️???‍♀️

This Distressed American Flag ?? Cup with the Twin Towers and Lady Liberty ? is ready for a new home

This Baseball ⚾️ Mom Tumbler is on its last spin before it leaves for its forever home ?

A few things I’ve been working on ??

Just a lil, I been working on..

Y’all have I told y’all how ? this Kudos is ??? My goal is to get this ? coverage into 10 hands. The 1st 5 to order will get a Free ($30 value) Customizable Tumblr ??‍♀️! You pic colors for glitter and Vinyl for your initials and a quote (if you want one) \nIf you don’t know what color foundation you need send me a pic of your face and neck in natural lighting, so I can color match you ?!

✅House cleaned ? ✅95% of the clothes are done\n✅today’s and tomorrow’s dinner prepped \nFinger sliced open ✅??‍♀️??‍♀️ Now it’s time to focus on my businesses ?? Do y’all see this coverage?! What!! Hello Kudos ???‍♀️

Homemade blackberry cobbler! Yes I did that!

Who’s as excited as I am right now ??? The new Stick Cream Foundation and New Kabuki Brush launch ? Friday March 1st!! Get on my Pre-Order list and get Free Shipping ?

Who wants to have a Blowout Bash?? All products are double discounted ????‍♀️ drop a comment or message me!

My babies ?? #pitmom #lazydogs #butch #betty


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I am just a micrometer of a Jersey.

I am just a help worker, so that more fans can pay more attention to information.




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