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nike's public relations aren't idle. Later, Gino Fisanotti, vice president of Nike's North American brand, said in an interview that he believed Capernick was one of the most nike inspiring athletes of his generation and praised him for using the power of sport to help push the world forward. Obviously, Nike has made a choice in the face of protests and doubts on the Internet.

MWWPR, the brand reputation and crisis management company, studied the views of companies that took a stand on social issues, and Carreen Winters, the company's chief strategist, said it appeared to be a deliberate engagement in controversy. "They are good at marketing and know their customers. Consumers will reward them. "

Her research shows that a third of consumers spend more money on products from companies with similar ideas, and consumers who are less concerned about this are less likely to change their NIKE AIR MAX 97 ULTRA 17 METALLIC SILVER.

In addition, Nike in the "patriotic war" Nike received a total of 43 million dollars worth of media exposure. Immediately after that, there was good news from Nike's sales. Nike's online sales grew by 31%.

It wasn't the first time Nike used a controversial endorser. As early as 1984, Nike invited Black Star Michael Jordan to become a brand endorser. No company had cooperated with celebrities of "colored race" before, so the move caused a lot of stir and discussion in the United States at the time.

What's more, Nike has been widely criticized for promoting gang culture and profit from the release of a Balaclava headset some time ago. Unhappy with the brand's use of black 2018 NEW NIKE AIR MAX 97 PURPLE BLUE POWDER models to demonstrate the head cover covering the entire head and neck, with only the eyes exposed, the image is thought to reinforce racial prejudice. Under pressure from public opinion, Nike removed the Balaclava headgear from the website, while Nike had to temporarily close all its stores in South Africa because of racial problems.

So this time Nike chose a controversial spokesman, because Capernick's story is particularly suited to interpret the "Just Do It" connotation, by the way to save the South African market, with such behavior to strengthen the brand's racial position of commercial considerations, or for national and justice? Only the benevolent, the wise see wisdom.

In fact, spokesmen are mostly the marketing strategy means of brand choice. Brand strategists employ or mold spokesmen to make people have a good impression on the brand by associating their popularity, professional personality and conduct. The role of brand spokesperson is to transplant the emotion and promote the influence of the brand with the influence of the NIKE AIR MORE UPTEMPO TRIPLE WHITE 921948 spokesperson.

But sometimes there are risks in using celebrity endorsement, if the endorsement accidentally become a "negative textbook" may be the first time, its endorsement brand will be the first time to suffer. Therefore, most brands will abandon their spokesmen for their reputation to safeguard their brand image.

Therefore, compared to Nike, these brand spokesmen's "feats" make the brand side more passive.

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